Manuscript editing

We offer various forms of help, at various stages of writing: we can help you polish what you've already written, we can edit your first draft, but also we can write a manuscript with you.
Please be aware that the final shape of the manuscript will in large part depend on how you guide us; we need to know what's your preference towards personal pronouns, British vs American English, etc.

Productive scientists and experienced members of editorial boards for various journals, our editors can sometimes offer you comments on your research. We may also comment on tables, graphs, and statistical analyses. You don't have to pay for such basic service—however, if you wish us to review your methodology and analysis in detail, please let us know, and we'll set a price for such service.

Please note:
— We assume you can communicate in English—we will need you to answer our questions.
— We will do our best to be fast. But that will also depend on how quickly you respond to our questions.
— To provide you a high-quality service, we need time. For this very reason, we do not offer express service—we could not keep the quality. You can, however, choose high-priority service (see pricing for details).

What we will do with your text: