ELITE editing

ELITE editing is our key service. It's directed to those who have either no time or insufficient skill to focus on the writing part of research.
We can work with you on the manuscript from the very beginning to the very end. We can help you with any aspect of the writing process: writing itself, making tables and graphs, interpreting the results, statistical analysis, everything. We can start our collaboration when you've written the first draft of the manuscript, but also we can start when you're thinking about the first word to write down and don't even know how to start.

ELITE editing is time-consuming and usually requires cooperation with several people (for instance, one or more native language editors, a statistician, a visualization specialist, a referee). Thus, for us it's a complex process to manage, but also one that is the most satisfying. This, however, means that elite editing can be expensive—but its effect can be amazing.
In practice, we decide together on how we will cooperate. So, if you are interested in this elite service, please contact us to discuss our cooperation.