Presentation editing

Editing presentations differs a lot from editing both manuscripts and abstracts. A good presentation shows, and doesn't tell. So, presentations require specific language, language that is concise and clear, language that supports what the slides show and what the speaker is saying. This language often differs sharply from the language of journal papers and abstracts.

It does not mean, of course, that presentations do not have to be coherent or well-written and do not need good style. The truth is, they do need to be coherent, well-written, and why shouldn't they be stylish? We're here to help you!
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What we will do with your presentation:

Basic Editing
In this basic service, we will edit your presentation in only one round. If it is well-written, it should be enough. Otherwise, we might need at least one more round, in which case you might consider choosing advanced editing, in which we will edit the abstract three times. But if you choose basic editing, you can ask for additional rounds later (see pricing for details).

Advanced Editing
We will edit your presentation in three rounds. This will give us an opportunity to focus not only on grammar and spelling, but also on more subtle aspects of style. After each round of editing, we will ask you to check our work and answer questions.