Cover letters & Responses to reviews

Cover letters

Cover letters can be crucial. Imagine you are a journal editor. You get a new manuscript, but the cover letter is clumsy, unclear, and difficult to understand. What do you think about the manuscript (and, let's face it, about its authors), even before looking at it?
If you're anything like most journal editors, you would think there are good chances the manuscript is poorly written. Is this the first impression you want to make?

Thus, always pay attention to cover letters: make them well-written and clear. We can help you. Check prices and times here, but do note that we edit FOR FREE cover letters (excluding the response to reviews) for manuscripts we have edited with our advanced or elite editing service.

Responses to reviews

Like cover letters, responses to reviews can be crucial. A poorly written response will repel both the editor and the reviewers. A good response shows what you've changed in the manuscript and explains why you don't agree with some comments. You have to be both polite and convincing. A good response will be neither too long nor too short. And, of course, a good response will be well-written.

We can help you with your response to reviews. Check prices and times here. Note that we have a special price for responses to reviews of manuscripts we have edited with our advanced or elite editing: 25% off.