Professional Science Editing

Our mission:
To improve scientific writing

Research takes time. We believe that, as a scientist, you should spend as much time on research as possible. Writing takes time, too. Good English skills are essential but not enough: To write well, you need to know how to write.
Unless you want your text to be difficult to grasp and dull, you should use various writing tools to make the text clear, concise, and energetic.
We also believe scientific texts should be pleasant to read. Science is fantastic, so why shouldn't scientific texts be fantastic?
Writing is tricky, but don't worry: Here, we step in.

Our mission is to help you write and revise your manuscripts. We care about our service, so we work with editors who care about their writing skills and who want to share them with other scientists.
Our editors love science and love writing.
They have experience in research and writing and extensive journal editing, a powerful combination that makes them great editors for your texts.
Working with us, not only will you save time, but also your papers will be well written.

We edit and translate various types of scientific texts, such as:
— journal manuscripts
— abstracts
— conference presentations
—responses to reviews
We focus on the following disciplines:
— medical sciences
— agriculture and biology
— scholarly publishing and scientometrics
— economics
— statistics
We also work with some other disciplines, but please contact us first.

What we can do for you:

grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling errors are the most striking (and embarrassing), so we will revise and proofread your text to get rid of them. But that's not all we'll do with your text. We will do much more.

Improve style
and add energy

Correct grammar and spelling are not enough to make a scientific text good. Well-written scientific texts are logical, concise, and easy to understand; they are also written in a lively and energetic style that makes the text pleasant to read. We will help you rewrite your text to meet these needs.

Work on
other important details

We can help you professionally visualize your results (in R) and format your manuscript according to a journal's requirements. Without asking, we check if all references are cited. Sometimes, we may comment on methodological aspects of your research and help you respond to reviewers' comments.

Help you
with statistics

When we spot something wrong with your statistics, we will let you know. We may be able to reanalyze your data. For statistical analyses, we use R.