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We love discounts! Here, you will learn about current discounts. You're more than welcome to use them. We will update the discount zone from time to time, so visit this web page every now and then to check our current discounts.

Our Current Discounts

If you choose advanced editing, you get a free fourth round of editing!

Pricing of editing

Price will depend on which editing service you choose and on the length of the text. You can also choose between the regular and high-priority service. What's important, we do NOT count words in reference lists and tables, so please do not remove them. We do count, however, references within the text (remember that we check them), table headers, and figure captions.
If you're looking for prices of translating service, you will find them in the corresponding translation bookmarks.
We have a special discount for manuscripts we edited with the advanced service: free-of-charge editing of the accompanying cover letter and a 25% discount on editing the response to reviews of this manuscript!

Improving quality is our key mission. Thus, we do not offer express service: time pressure reduces quality, an effect we cannot accept. You can, however, choose high-priority service, in which we try to send you each round of editing in a shorter time—but whether we accept the high-priority service depends on our current workload.
Thus, timing will depend on the same factors as price does. You will find the details below, under the 'Timing' heading.

Prices of editing
(apply for all types of texts):


For longer texts, we will do our best to send you back each round of editing within 5-7 working days. In high-priority service we try to send you each round of editing within 3-4 working days, or even less, but that depends on the length and complexity of the manuscript.
However, we might need much less time to edit shorter texts, such as abstracts: usually, we send back each round of editing within 3-4 days, and in high-priority service, within 2-3 days or less.

Price of other service

Price of formatting manuscripts according to a journal's requirements depends on the journal and varies from $75 to $125 (60-100 €).

We offer other service loosely related to editing but closely related to writing manuscripts, including statistical analysis and making tables and graphs. The price will depend on complexity of the service, and we cannot give any rules to setting the price of such service. If you are interested in such service, we will ask you for details, based on which we will set the price for you.
Please note, however, that if we're already working on your manuscript, you will receive a special price for any other service related to this manuscript.


You can pay by:
— bank transfer
— credit card
— online payments (through PayLane).