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"All authors, reviewers and editors know how hard scientific writing is. Excellent research is one thing, writing about it is another. Many scientific authors, and most non-native English ones, have big problems with writing, which decreases chances for their manuscripts to be accepted. But it's just one thing. Another is that scientific writing quality and style matters for readers—hence an increasing number of professional editing services aiming to help non-native English speakers to write. I receive their offers on a daily basis. Since I had been warned to choose an editing company with care, I did spend some time pondering on the choice. Eventually, my choice fell on ProSciEditing, and the choice quickly proved to be an excellent one. During cooperation, our communication was open, friendly and very productive. The manuscript was thoroughly edited and improved by their experts, so it looked and sounded much more professional and readable than its initial version. I do appreciate their effort, and based on my cooperation with ProSciEditing and all the help they offered me, I can most sincerely recommend their service."

Tihana Teklić, PhD
Full Professor of Plant Physiology
Department of Agroecology, Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek
University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia

"I have used ProSciEditing service several times already. They corrected many errors and I have always been very satisfied. Its editors exhibited professionalism along with a touch of positive criticism to improve and enhance my writing skills. The turnaround time was always great. I am very greatful for their help and will use their service again."

Ondrej Slaby, PhD
Professor, Research Group Leader
Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Scientific Secretary
Department of Comprehensive Cancer Care
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Czech Republic

"I highly recommend ProSciEditing (Professional Science Editing). They translate quickly, reliably, and with high accuracy. The service they offer is not mere translation—because the translators also suggest changes that should facilitate reading the manuscript. The editors consult the text with the authors several times, which helps to reach the most precise description of the research while ensuring grammatical correctness. Their team has extensive experience in the field of editing scientific texts in English. Thus, in my opinion, ProSciEditing is one of the best translation and editing companies currently operating on the market."

Grzegorz Dziubanek, PhD
Department of Environmental Health
Faculty of Public Health
Medical University of Silesia, Poland

I highly recommend scientific editing by ProSciEditing. They work in a very meticulous and timely manner. Finding scientific editors able to feel the specificity of a scientific text and edit it in a professional manner is a difficult job, especially when the text is to be submitted to a prestigious English-language journal. But finding such an editor becomes an easy task when one start cooperating with ProSciEditing. During the cooperation, you feel that the copy-editor is sincerely interested in improving the text, not only by correcting its grammar and style, but also by conveying the message in as clear and efficient a way as possible. This is achieved during in-depth consultations in several stages. ProSciEditing does an extremely honest job, and it is my pleasure to recommend it.

Krzysztof Popek
Institute of History
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

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You don't have to buy a pig in a poke!* If you want to check us, we will be happy to show you what kind of service we offer so that you can learn how we work and whether this kind of service suits your needs.

* Yes, it is a cliché. And yes, you should avoid clichés in your writing. And yes, we will look for clichés in your text.

If you do wish to check how we work, please contact us at You can send us a fragment of your manuscript, and we will edit it—of course, for free. We prefer this fragment to be a part of Introduction, of around 300-500 words.
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